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Garden accessories help with mobility issues
Stand 19H44

Gardening accessories brand fenceBUDDY was created by Kim O'Brien who designed products for her own plot despite struggling with mobility issues.


Kim takes up the story: “As someone who always wanted a lovely colour-filled garden but had little time, when I retired through my own mobility struggles I searched for garden accessories that would help me bring life and colour to our garden without the need for tools and no bending or kneeling as I struggle to not only get down but also get back up again!



“I soon realised that there wasn't anything suitable, so began designing myself. I had a local fabricator make me samples and when friends and neighbours saw the designs they wanted to know where they too could buy them. That's how fenceBUDDY was born and retirement ended.


“My products are no-tools required, recyclable, multipurpose, long-lasting and for every level of gardener to bring colour and interest to their gardens all year round. Not only can plants be grown up the trellis but the new design S Hooks mean that decorations, planters and more can be hung from the trellis or over the fence panels. 


“The fenceBUDDY trellis is made of powder-coated aluminium so is weatherproof and lightweight, can be moved around your fences and won't damage the panels. There are a couple of other products in the range currently, my goal is to build a brand with year round products to appeal to and decorate gardens for all seasons.


“To ensure the best value and quality for all my designs, I have sourced manufacturing abroad.  With approx 18% of the UK population having some kind of mobility impairment, a further 6% with more serious disabilities, and 100% of gardeners looking to enjoy easier gardening, the market potential is huge.”


You can see fenceBUDDY products in the Innovators Zone at Glee (stand: 19H44).


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