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Micro-Grow launch a new display design for microgreens self watering microgreens kits including refills and tools

Grow Sow Simple have unveiled a new design for their Micro-Grow range for 2021. The range includes the Micro-Grow microgreens growing kit, now self watering technology. The kit includes seeds, a grow mat with self watering wicking tab and a 2 piece propagator.


The Grow mat uses hydroponic technology to grow the seeds without any soil. The new wicking tab wicks the moisture from the base of the propagator to keep the mat moist, providing the seeds with the perfect environment, without overwatering them. The kit is easy to grow and maintain with minimum effort. 


The range now includes refills packets which are merchandised alongside side the kits. The refill packs contain both the seeds and a grow mat so customers can top up the kits and keep using the propagator. 


Dan Robson, Managing Director and founder of Grow Sow Simple said: "We are driving to make our products more sustainable and make the user experience as convenient as possible for our customers. Adding the refills to the range means the kits are no longer viewed as single use and can drive further sales.


"We are really excited about the self watering wicking system which will ensure customers have the best chance to grow and enjoy the world of microgreens."


The new displays are ready for early Jan 2021 and holds 120 kits, 120 refills and 12 tool sets and the retail value of a 600 x 400 mm display is £1077.48.

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