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READYBLAZE – Safer Sustainable Firewood

Winter fuel experts Dizmezs Ltd are launching READYBLAZE, a new firewood brand for the UK Garden Centre market. The brand marries superior performance with environmentally friendly features.


Every piece of timber in their firewood products is kiln dried to under 20% moisture content level, leading to cleaner, hotter flames and less harmful emissions.


Dizmezs operate a large 110,000 square metre manufacturing hub in Latvia which has an 18,000 square metre warehouse. The site has modern processing facilities, including a sawmill, a dimension mill and splitting and drying equipment. By using state-of-the-art processes and historic knowledge, the consistency and quality of their products have been refined and perfected since they were established in 1996. 



READYBLAZE Sustainability pledge

READYBLAZE is committed to sustainable sourcing of raw materials and is a member of the PEFC (Promoting Sustainable Forest Management) scheme. For every 1 tree cut down from a sustainable forest, 8 additional trees are planted in its place.


READYBLAZE is also a member of the Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ initiative to reduce harmful air pollution. All timber is kiln dried to less than 20% moisture levels ensuring cleaner emissions and a higher temperature than timber above 20% moisture levels.


Furthermore all of the READYBLAZE range packaging is supplied in recyclable polythene bags or recyclable cardboard boxes.


Production capacity

With 55% of Latvia covered in forest, producing timber products and making efficient yet sustainable processes comes naturally. Furthermore, there is at least 3 times more access to well managed hardwood species in Latvian forests when compared somewhere like the UK. As a result, Dizmezs have access to more product and are therefore able to offer a larger production capacity for UK buyers. 


With 25 years’ experience of manufacturing and distributing winter fuels behind it, the Readyblaze brand represents the new age of firewood products by offering safer and more efficient firewood solutions from a carbon neutral source with high capacity in order to supply the UK market.


If you would like further details on the Readyblaze brand, please contact Neil Sims on 07368 617124 or email


The READYBLAZE website is now live, where you can browse the range –

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