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Welcome to the Glee Daily News 2020 Omnibus Issue
Glee Gathering receives great feedback
Vital hub for the industry
Virtual show is a big hit with Evergreen Garden Care
Glee New Product Awards – hosted by GTN
Triple success for Zest at Glee Gathering
Primeur enjoys thriving event
Vegetable & Seed Growing Kit a winning idea for 2021
Pleydell Smithyman – 2020 and beyond
Time to weave Korbond into your range
#FloralFriday for Greenfingers celebrated at the end of Glee Gathering week
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The e-commerce conundrum: Creating sustainable online operations
Protecting and Supporting Our Most Values Asset: Our People
Product Showcases
The Landscaping Showcase
The Outdoor Entertainment and Decoration Showcase
The Garden Care Showcase
Behind the Scenes: Traeger Grills Talk Tech and Customer Experience at Glee Gathering
Perennial: here to help people in horticulture create better futures
Making your website your best salesperson
10 top tips for landing a fantastic range
The Grow Your Own Awards 2020: The Winners
Show success for Primus with double award win
EKJU proves popular over Glee
View the extensive Fancy Flames collection
British Meadow: a new ‘RHS Gifts for Gardeners’ collection from Burgon & Ball
READYBLAZE - Safer Firewood for 2020 and beyond
Vitax launch new products, new sizes and packaging
Micro-Grow launch a new display design for microgreens self watering microgreens kits including refills and tools
Bulldog Tools – made from FSC sustainable sources
Grilling with a Traeger is so simple
Growing with Hygeia has never been easier
Southern Trident launches 100% natural peat free coir compost with plastic free packaging
Sipcam launches new products for 2021 under the pioneering ecofective range
Fordingbridge canopy sets off transformation at Hilliers Marlow garden centre
Top of the class performance from Empathy
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READYBLAZE - Safer Firewood for 2020 and beyond

September saw the launch of READYBLAZE and there has been significant interest in the new winterfuels brand. READYBLAZE provides a future-proof and safer Firewood solution for retailers to sell in 2020 and beyond.


READYBLAZE is a brand that marries superior performance with safe and environmentally friendly benefits.  As all the products in the range are kiln dried to under 20% moisture content level, less harmful emissions are released during burning, leading to cleaner and hotter flames.


Most importantly, READYBLAZE is certified safer, being a member of the Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ government backed initiative to reduce harmful air pollution. This means stockists need not worry about the upcoming UK legislation changes in February 2021 as READYBLAZE is safer and a range that can be relied on for years to come.


Product Range

The range consists of kiln dried hardwood split logs, ideal for use on stoves, open fires and chimineas. In addition to Birch logs, READYBLAZE also offer more premium options such as Ash, which burn hotter and longer than Birch logs. 


Food Grade Logs and Kindling are also available for wood fired cooking specially prepared to reduce unwanted flavours being added to food. Also available in the range are Round Heat Logs and accessories for the fire such as Wood Wool Firestarters and standard Kindling.


Visit where you can browse the full range.

Sustainability Pledge

As well as reducing emissions when compared to uncertified Firewood, READYBLAZE hits the spot with other environmental credentials. The range packaging is recyclable with attractive consumer packs in the form of plastic bags and cardboard boxes. The range also conforms to high quality and sustainability standards, being a member of the PEFC (Promoting Sustainable Forest Management) scheme. 8 trees are replanted for every tree that is cut down in the well-managed forests that READYBLAZE source from.


Backed by Dizmezs who have 25 years’ experience of manufacturing and distributing winterfuels behind them, the READYBLAZE brand represents the new era of Firewood products. READYBLAZE is safer, more efficient and has high capacity in order to supply the UK market.


If you would like further details about READYBLAZE, please contact Neil Sims on 07368 617124 or email

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